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Screw Conveyor Engineering Guide

Conveyor Drive Arrangements

Kase offers a complete line of power-transmission equipment. Local distributors provide us with a large stock inventory.

Numerous combinations and types of drives are available for screw conveyor equipment. Some of the more frequently used drives and mechanical arrangements are described below:

Screw Conveyor Drives

A screw conveyor drive consists of a standard single or double reduction shaft-mounted speed reducer, a steel motor mounting bracket, an adapter with CEMA drilling containing shaft seals, and a removable steel shaft, all mounted on a screw conveyor trough end. The motor bracket is rigidly mounted with clearance over the trough end for easy trough cover removal without disassembling any part of the drive.

A variety of mounting arrangements makes it possible to locate the drive to avoid interference with other equipment. Correct V-belt tension can be easily maintained by simple adjustment of the motor mounting plate. The drive assembly can be quickly removed by removing the bracket mounting bolts.

Shaft Mounted Drives

The helical gear shaft mount speed reducer uses the screw conveyor drive shaft as an "output shaft," making a mounting base and low speed coupling unnecessary. Because it does not mount to the trough end it offers several advantages. It can be used in limited, higher temperature applications where damaging heat can be dissipated before it affects the reducer. You have a greater variety of seals and bearings to choose from. You can utilize heavy duty bearing for higher than usual bearing loads. The reducer can be rotated in any position around the shaft.

V-belt tension is maintained in the same manner as the screw conveyor drive when using the adjustable motor mount. A tie-rod turnbuckle locks the shaft-mounted reducer into position. (We believe this is best accomplished in the field, consequently we do not normally support the tie-rod from the conveyor.)

Combination Motor-Reducer

Integral motor-reducer drives consist of a combination motor and speed reducer which may be mounted directly to the conveyor cover with an adapter base. The motor-reducer may also be mounted in other positions, depending on available space and accessibility.

The motor-reducer output shaft is connected to the conveyor drive shaft through roller chain and sprockets. Speed changes in the field are possible by replacement of one or both sprockets. Suitable conveyor drive end bearings are required for the overhung sprocket loads.

Other Drives

Other drive equipment which may be required includes variable speed units which allow manual or automatic adjustment of conveyor capacity by speed deviation. Such drives are especially useful for regulating the flow of material into a process.


Fluid, pneumatic or resilient couplings may be used for starting heavily loaded conveyors and to prevent drive component damage due to heavy intermittent overloads.

Kase Belt Guards

Our belt guards are custom designed to meet your specific requirements. They are O.S.H.A. approved and will accent the best of drives.

Our two piece construction provides you with the best available features. The back panel is designed to be securely supported. The front panel with sides is easily removable by loosening a hand knob. This permits complete access to sheaves, bushing and V-belts.

Standard Features:

  • Painted O.S.H.A. yellow enamel
  • Slotted for belt adjustment
  • 16 ga. steel construction
  • Fully enclosed
  • Safe - rounded ends
R = Driver, ½" P.D. +2" CD = Center Distance
SH = Shaft Diameters ½" R1 = Driver, ½" P.D. +2"
W = Longest Hub+2" (min 4") SH1 = Shaft Diameter+ 1"