Kase has many options from which you may choose to most efficiently and quickly move large volumes of material.

The characteristics of your material, distance to be lifted, and desired production rate may point to a Centrifugal Bucket Elevator. This type of elevator is best suited for free-flowing, fine or small lump material.

The Centrifugal Discharge elevator utilizes deep buckets moving at a relatively high speed, allowing centrifugal force to propel the material out of the bucket and in to the discharge opening. It is especially suited for durable and abrasive materials that can withstand scooping out of the boot and flinging out of the discharge.

Kase offers vertical Centrifugal Bucket Elevators with centrifugal style buckets mounted on chain or belt.  The spacing of the buckets vary depending on bucket size.  The FPM of the chain or belt is designed for your specific size bucket to achieve a velocity around the pulley to centrifugally discharge your material.  Common centrifugal style buckets are also known as Style AA buckets.