Kase Diverter Gates are used to change the direction of flow of bulk materials as they are discharged from equipment above. Bulk materials can be diverted to another process stream or used to divert off-spec material to a bin. Diverter Gates consist of a pivoting gate blade located inside an inverted Y-shaped housing. The gate blade can be positioned to divert bulk materials to either side of the housing. The gate blade can be moved by manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic means.

Kase Diverter Gates are used in many industries including aggregate, cement, chemical, mining and wastewater treatment industries for controlling the flow of bulk materials.

Kase has a standard line of industrial diverter gates or can design and manufacture diverter gates to meet specific customer requirements.

Available Features and Options

  • Wide Range of Construction Materials – To Reduce Corrosion or Abrasion
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – To Increase Life and Reduce Downtime
  • Totally Enclosed Design – To Eliminate Dust or Vapor Emissions
  • Custom Seal Design – To Prevent Material Leakage
  • Removable Maintenance Door – To Access and Maintain Seals and Gate Blade

Available Configurations

  • Inverted Y-Diverter Gate
  • Offset Diverter Gate
  • Dust Tight Diverter Gate
  • Slide Actuated Diverter Gate