Kase Spiral Letdown Chutes are used to gently guide the discharge of bulk materials to and from hoppers, conveyors or bucket elevators.  Spiral Letdown Chutes are vertically mounted helixes located within a tube to contain bulk materials.  Bulk materials gently discharge down the spiral letdown chute by gravity to various discharge points.  Kase Spiral Letdown Chutes are ideal for bulk materials that break up easily or compact with pressure.

Kase Spiral Letdown Chutes are used in many industries including aggregate, cement, chemical, food and mining industries for guiding the flow of bulk materials to and from processing equipment.

Kase has a standard line of spiral letdown chutes or can design and manufacture chutes to meet specific customer requirements.

Available Features and Options

  • Wide Range of Construction Materials – To Reduce Corrosion or Abrasion
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – To Increase Life and Reduce Downtime
  • Gentle Handling – To Eliminate Material Breakage or Damage
  • Variety of Surface Finishes – For Handling Food Products or Fine Chemicals
  • No Moving Parts – To Eliminate Maintenance

Available Configurations

  • Food Grade Spiral Letdown Chutes
  • Abrasion-Resistant Spiral Letdown Chutes
  • Ceramic Tile Lined Spiral Letdown Chutes
  • Custom Spiral Letdown Chutes