Engineered Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Material Handling Equipment

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Hoppers, Bins and Silos Manufacturer

Hoppers, Bins and Silos

Hoppers, bins and silos are used for storing bulk materials. Silos are typically designed for storing large volumes and are cylindrical in shape with a cone or mass-flow bottom. Bins are used for storing smaller volumes of bulk materials and typically handle surge capacities. Hoppers are similar to bins except with an open top. Storage capacities up to 10,000 cubic feet can easily be handled with hoppers, bins and silos.

KASE hoppers, bins and silos are used in the wastewater treatment, cement, chemical, mining and aggregate industries for storing many bulk materials.

Available Features and Options

  • Custom Engineered – To Exceed Customer Requirements
  • Heavy-Duty Construction – To Increase Hopper, Bin or Silo Life
  • Heavy-Duty Structural Frames and Supports – To Provide System Rigidity
  • Positive Material Discharge – To Prevent Bridging or Arching in Hopper, Bin or Silo
  • Dust-Tight Construction – To Eliminate Dust Emissions

Available Configurations

  • Cylindrical Silo with Cone Bottom
  • Cylindrical Silo with Mass-Flow Bottom
  • Square Hopper or Bin with Inverted Pyramid Bottom
  • Rectangular Hopper or Bin with Mass-Flow Bottom