Why go out when you can go up? When you have storage needs, whether its indoor or outdoor, and floor space is valuable, Kase can offer our custom Silos. Kase Conveyors designs and manufactures an industrial line of welded silos to fit your storage needs of dry bulk materials, such as cement, fly ash, grain, lime, sand and sugar. 

Our limiting factors for sizes are shipping constraints meaning the maximum diameter we manufacture is approximately 8’-0” unless a permit is acceptable.  Maximum overall height is approximately 48’-0”.

Silos on trailer - Kase Conveyors
Silos on warehouse floor - Kase Conveyors


When you need smaller volume than a silo and additional volume for a conveying system, Kase Conveyors offers bins. Bins can be square or rectangle, to assist with overflow capacity for your conveying systems. We offer heavy duty construction and frames using reinforcing ribs where required. 

Many options are available including dust tight, agitators, gates, diverters, and vibrator mounts.  Each bin is made custom to suit your specific requirement.

Bins on warehouse floor - Kase Conveyors